Lifespan of Electrical Components in Tamworth Households

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Knowing the lifespan of your electrical components is essential to avoid unexpected power outages and keep the occupants of the property safe. Looking for an electrician in tamworth? Tamworth Electrician can help you maintain your households electrical components. Whether you’re a Tamworth local or have investment properties in the region, here are 4 electrical components that need to be maintained.

1. Lighting

Bulb Type Lifespan
Incandescent 1 – 2 000 hrs
Halogen 6 – 8 000 hrs
Compact Fluoro 10 000 hrs
LED’s 50 000 hrs

Fixtures can last a long time, however down-lighting minimizes the risk of damage to these fixtures (requiring replacement).

2. Circuit Breakers

Prevent harmful sparks potentially causing electrocution or fires in the walls. These can typically last 15-30 years.

3. Power Points

Prevent harmful shocks from appliances. These are expected to last 30 years.

4. Service Panels

The hub of a home’s electricity supply. These must be in perfect condition to reduce electrical hazards and keep the occupents safe. Most panels have a 60 year life expectancy, however, should be maintained regularly. Checkout our other blog post : Should I Upgrade my Electrical Panel.

Do you need maintenance carried out on your private or investment property by a licensed electrician? We can help maintain, repair or replace all of the above! Contact us on 0421 359 324 or or email

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