Tamworth Electrician – your local friendly electrician is equipped and licensed in electrical fault finding. From flickering lights to tripping fuses don’t gamble with your loved ones lives.

Did you know doing illegal DIY electrical projects could get you fined over $20,000 while you may be risking your life and that of others? In NSW a licensed electrician may only install lighting, so anything beyond changing a light bulb you are required to get a professional.

Make sure electrical equipment and installations are regularly checked and maintained and used properly to ensure safety. The Electricity (Consumer Safety) Act 2004 prescribes a maximum penalty of $55,000 for corporations and $16,500 for individuals who allow an installation to become unsafe.

Do not undertake ‘do it yourself’ electrical work. A licensed electrician must carry out all work. Electricity can kill if used incorrectly. Electricity is invisible and gives no warning.

Electrical fault finding and troubleshooting and fixing requires a licensed professional.

Tamworth Electrician has been fault finding for the last 10 years and so its safe to say we know what we are doing, while providing competitive rates we will take you step by step through with fault finding. We use state of art and modern equipment to assist us in fault finding, so what do we do:

  • Check switchboards
  • Check safety switches
  • Check fuse boxes and circuit breakers
  • Test appliances
  • Test your house is able to take the required power load/consumption
  • Install surge protectors if needed

For a detailed and thorough inspection call Tamworth Electrician for all your faultfinding needs. 

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