Spring Electrical Tips for Tamworth

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Now with the warmer weather and easing restrictions, Tamworth residents are more eager than ever to get working on those home jobs and spring cleaning. Here are 6 essential tips for spring:

1. Dial Before You Dig

If you’re considering some home renovations or even minor yard work underground powerlines pose are a risk you cannot see. Prevent an injury to yourself and Dial Before You Dig.


2. Plant Smart

If you are planting new trees, shrubs or flowers consider how large your planting will grow. Make sure your fully grown plant won’t come close to power lines or obstruct access to powerpoints outdoors.


3. Lookout for Wires

When pruning, be careful of cords and wires to avoid cutting them or receiving a shock.


4. Give Your Switch Board a Spring Clean

It’s good to occasionally dust away the cob webs and dust from your electrical switchboard using a feather duster. Take care not to bump any switches. Never use liquid products like spray and wipe or water!


5. Check Your Smoke Alarms

If you have battery-powered smoke alarms, it’s a good time to check your smoke alarms don’t need their battery replacing. Better yet, consider upgrading to hardwired smoke alarms.


6. Consider a Home Energy Audit

As the air conditioning kicks into overdrive as the days warm up, avoid excessive electrical bills by having a home energy audit.