10 Reasons Tamworth Residents Should Install Ceiling Fans

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There are many benefits to installing a ceiling fan. Ceiling Fans are a cost-effective way to keep rooms cooler in the Tamworth Summer – without having to run an air-conditioner all day. Even with air conditioner use more common in Tamworth homes, there are plenty of reasons to consider installing a ceiling fan. Here are our top 10 reasons why Tamworth residents should consider installing ceiling fans.

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1. Air Distribution

Ceiling fans aid in the uniform distribution of warm or cool air. Air conditioners don’t always circulate air as efficiently as they should. Ceiling fans help disperse air more evenly, whether it’s the air that naturally circulates in your area or the air that your air conditioner produces.

2. Reduce Energy Consumption

The average ceiling fan uses 60w to 100w of energy, which is not much more than a 60w light bulb, making it an extremely energy-efficient form of cooling and heating. In comparison, a 2.5Kw air conditioner uses about 2,500w per hour to run.

3. Save Space

Ceiling fans, unlike pedestal or desk fans, do not take up valuable floor or desk space.

4. Style

Manufacturers now aim for functionality and an aesthetically pleasing style when designing ceiling fans, which means they can add to the décor and aesthetics of your space as well as add a design element on their own.

5. Lighting

Many models now come with built-in lighting, saving you money on additional lighting and installation. For even more energy savings, there is a wide range of LED options available.

6. Quiet

Ceiling fan innovations have long since surpassed the days of rattling fans that sound like they could fall from the ceiling at any moment! They are now a very quiet option, thanks to advancements in DC motors, for example, and when compared to air conditioners, which require a motor to “push” air from a system.

7. Save Money

Ceiling fans are an affordable option to help regulate the temperature in your home because they are energy efficient and a more natural form of cooling and heating, with the average fan costing between 0.13c and 1.29c per hour to run, compared to the average reverse cycle air conditioning system, which costs between $0.33 and $0.40 per hour (canstarblue.com.au).

Ceiling fans can also help to reduce the energy consumption of other cooling and heating systems in your home, such as air conditioners. They work in tandem with your air conditioner to allow you to reduce the speed and/or temperature setting while the air is distributed more evenly and effectively. On days when it is not too hot or cold, ceiling fans can be an effective form of cooling and heating, and they are a great alternative to running a more expensive air conditioner unnecessarily.

8. Winter Mode

Ceiling fans, like air conditioners, can help to cool and warm a room while also saving energy and money. Most have a reverse function that allows you to change the direction of the blades and the flow of air based on the season.

In the summer, ceiling fans will force the air down from the ceiling, creating a wind-chill effect that will keep you cool. In winter, they will gently draw the room air up and force the warm air down and out of the room towards the wall.

9. Innovation

Ceiling fans have come a long way since their inception, and they now include a variety of innovative features. Remote controls, one-of-a-kind blade designs, DC motors for energy efficiency and quiet operation, and light and LED options, to name a few.

Manufacturers have had to rebrand the humble ceiling fan in recent years to fit the new brief of working with air conditioning and providing a style that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

10. Comfort

Ceiling fans create a constant breeze, which helps us stay cool in the summer!


Under Australian Law your ceiling fans must be installed by a qualified electrician. Tamworth Electrician offers a range of electrical services, including both new ceiling fan installation, or the upgrade of existing ceiling fans indoors and outdoors. Take advantage of Tamworth Electrician’s ceiling fan installation service. Contact Tamworth Electrician on 1800 00 2340 or Send a Message to arrange your free quote today.