Pick the Perfect Light for Your Space

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1. Determining Your Lighting Goals

Before you can choose the right light fixtures for your specific space, it is important to determine what the lightings main function will be. If you are looking for light to be focused on a specific space, direct or task lighting might be the right fit; however, if you are looking to create ambiance or light up a much larger space, ambient or indirect lighting might be the best option. Once you know what the main function of the light source will be then you can start shopping for the ideal light fixture.

2. Exterior Decor Lighting

While most people tend to think of outdoor lighting as something completely utilitarian, outdoor light fixtures, such as wall sconces, can be a great way to provide exterior light, as well as ambiance in the evening. Consider using directional sconces to draw attention to architectural elements or plants around the home.

3. Using Multiple Light Sources

For rooms in the home, such as the kitchen, bedrooms, or living spaces, consider using multiple light fixtures to combine a variety of functions for the space. This can mean using under counter lighting in the kitchen mixed with overhead lighting or combining the use of ceiling lights with a floor lamp in the living room.

4. Formal Lighting

For formal spaces that would normally require a chandelier, try choosing one that will not outdate your space. Chandeliers come in a wide range of styles, from extremely simple designs that include faux candles, small bulbs, or few lights to ornate and expensive crystal designs. Before purchasing a chandelier, make sure to consider the space, including ceiling height, as well as the surrounding decor in order to choose the right type of chandelier for your specific space.

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