Do I Need an Electrical Permit?

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Home improvement projects are your way to enjoy your home. Over the years, you’ve fallen in love with the feeling of tackling a household problem and finding unique ways to fix it. When it comes to things like drywall and flooring, there’s usually no need to get a permit or hire a licensed contractor. Electrical repairs, however, are a completely different matter.

In today’s post, we’ll give you the details regarding when an electrical permit is needed, and whether or not you’re legally able to complete any electrical repairs yourself without the help of a licensed electrical contractor.


A building permit allows the government to ensure your home’s electrical repairs are completed up to code, and in a safe manner. To make the process as easy as possible, anyone is able to file the paperwork to attain a building permit. An electrical permit is usually required for larger projects such as panel installations, home remodels, and additions. Usually, small projects like plug and switch replacements, light installations, or general troubleshooting will not require a permit.

The bottom line is that the need for a permit will vary; to ensure you follow all legal regulations, we suggest speaking with one of our certified electricians before getting started with your next electrical project.


As dangerously fun as it would be to tear apart your home’s electrical system, federal law demands that an electrical contractor must be hired to complete any electrical work- individuals who break that law and perform work that results in any serious injury or death can face serious charges and up to $100,00 in fines. But legal compliance isn’t the only reason you shouldn’t take on an electrical project:

In a recent survey released by ABC News has found that 40% of homes have no safety switches on power circuits. This means that a large portion of Australian homes may have slight electrical malfunctions that are a result of dangerous underlying contributing factors. In the same survey, ABC stated that 300 Australians are hospitalized each year as a result of preventable accidents. Rather than doing an electrical project yourself to bypass costs or permitting, trust a licensed professional to ensure the safety of you and your family.

When it comes to electrical projects, there are dozens of benefits to working with a seasoned professional. Two of the most important reasons are the fact that a licensed electrician will ensure your project will be completed up to code and in a safe manner. All too often, people damage their homes or injure themselves doing electrical work without a license.

Permits are the way our government and building regulators ensure residential and commercial structures are serviced in a safe, legal manner. If you’re completing a large electrical project like a panel upgrade, hot tub installation, or adding an additional room to your house, it’s likely you’ll need to apply for an Australian building permit.

If you have any questions about whether or not you need an electrical permit, or would like to speak with an experienced electrician to get more detailed information, contact us today!

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