Do I Need an Electrical Permit?

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Home improvement projects are your way to enjoy your home. Over the years, you’ve fallen in love with the feeling of tackling a household problem and finding unique ways to fix it. When it comes to things like drywall and flooring, there’s usually no need to get a permit or hire a licensed contractor. Electrical repairs, however, are a completely different matter. In today’s post, we’ll give you the details regarding when an electrical permit is needed, and whether or not you’re legally able to complete any electrical repairs yourself without the help of a licensed electrical contractor. DO I NEED AN ELECTRICAL PERMIT FOR MY PROJECT? A building permit allows the government to ensure your home’s electrical repairs are completed up to code, and in a safe manner. To make the process as easy as possible, anyone is able to file the paperwork to attain a building permit. An electrical permit is usually required for larger projects such as panel installations, home remodels, and additions. Usually, small projects like plug and switch replacements, light installations, or general troubleshooting will not require a permit. The bottom line is that the need for a permit will vary; to ensure you follow all legal regulations, we … Read More