Ceiling Fan Installation in Tamworth

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Tamworth Electrician is your local electrician in Tamworth. Tamworth Electrician offers ceiling fan installation services at a competitive price. If you would like to know more about our standard rates, contact us today. Tamworth Electrician can provide and install your ceiling fan, while securing your $50 cash back under the Tamworth Regional Council Residential Water Saver Rebate Scheme. But…

Why should Tamworth residents consider installing ceiling fans?

  1. Stay cooler during summer. Research indicates that the breeze from ceiling fans makes you feel 8 degrees cooler.
  2. Circulate warm air during winter with ceiling fan reverse modes.
  3. Significantly reduce energy costs. Most fans cost 3c to run an hour!
  4. Save the environment! As ceiling fans require less energy to run.
  5. Conserve water! As ceiling fans require zero water.
  6. Save space! As ceiling fans are mounted on the roof, no need for bulky pedestal fans.

Why should I consider Tamworth Electrician’s ceiling fan installation service?

In Australia, DIY electrical work (including installing ceiling fans) is illegal and may void your home insurance policy in the event of an electrical fire. We cater for all of your ceiling fan needs. Whether you want to BYO ceiling fan, or have us source archetectual ceiling fans to suit your space. We can do simple switches from a single light globe to ceiling fan, or complete rewiring to put your ceiling fan where you want it. Whether you want it on a switch or the convenience of remote contolsm we can do it all! If you want more information, or would like to book your ceiling fan installation service, contact the licensed professionals for your ceiling fan installation service at Tamworth Electrician today on 0421 359 324 or inbox us on Facebook.

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