Tips for Tamworth Businesses to Save Energy

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Business and property manager’s are always looking for ways to raise their bottom line. Electricity bills form a huge chunk of monthly expendetures that could potentially be significantly decreased. The team at Tamworth Electrician, your Local Electrician in Tamworth has compiled 7 tips for local business’s to save energy.

1. Update Lighting

  • Save up to 80% in lighting costs. Motion sensors on timers limit the amount of time that light’s are on. This counteracts those forgetful employees when they don’t remember to turn off the lights.
  • LED Lighting uses 60% Less Electricity and Lasts 5000% Longer. Upgrade outdates incandescent bulbs with LED lighting. Checkout our comparison on the lifespan of different lights in our recent blog post: Lifespan of Electrical Components in Tamworth Households.

2. Power Management Settings

Many devices in the office have power management settings that can be applied to save on energy usage.

  • Computers: Configure computer power management settings. Setting computers to shut down at scheduled times can significantly reduce power consumption. Having sleep options and black screen savers configured will also reduce consumption.
  • Devices: ensure other devices sleep mode are configured (such as computer printers).

3. Check Power Management Settings Regularly

Having administrator restrictions on the modification of power management settings will prevent the need for this step. Otherwise, power management settings will need to be checked regularly to ensure they haven’t been altered.

4. Update Server Location

  • Remove the servers and use the cloud. Server rooms are becoming outdated and with high speed internet readily available, cloud storage solutions use significantly less power and space and are generally more reliable.
  • Keep Server Rooms Well Ventilated and Cool: hot servers are inefficient and wear out faster and therefore should be kept cool. Select cool locations for your server to be located, otherwise air conditioning may be required.

5. Keep Motors and Airconditioning Maintained

Every year have your motors and air conditioning cleaned and maintained to ensure they operate at optimum efficiency. Systems that have to work harder to run require signigicantly more energy.

6. Thermostats

  • Keep a Standard Range of Temperature Throughout the Year: Have a central thermostat to keep the temperature in rooms at a consistent temperature throughout the year. Avoid fluctuating temperatures to avoid conflict between staff. Encourage those who run cold to wear a sweater and those that run warm to have a small desk fan.
  • Set Timers: starting cooling before you come into the office in summer allows spaces to be cooled down more easily than turning on systems later in the day to struggle through the heat. Having timers to turn off the heating/cooling systems automatically will reduce energy consumption.

7. Get an Energy Audit

An energy audit will analyse where power usage is significant and offer methods that it can be reduced. Contact Tamworth Electrician to conduct a comprehensive energy audit of your business. Contact us on 0421 359 324 or or email

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