Saving Tamworth Money on Electricity: Dishwasher Tips

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A dishwasher often saves you time and cleans your dishes to a higher standard than hand-washing alone. In recent years, they have become a staple in all modern homes but runnings them and replacing them can come at a cost! Your local electrician in Tamworth wants to help save every cent on energy you spend this year! This article follows our series ‘Saving Tamworth Money on Electricity’ and takes a look at ways to make your dishwasher last longer.

  1. Clean the rubber seal around the door.
  2. Clean the spray arm of food debris and scale occasionally.
  3. Clean filters according to manufacturer instructions.
  4. Consider regularly running a dishwasher cleaner.
  5. Only run full cycles.
  6. Consider running on ‘eco’ mode.
  7. Consider skipping energy hungry ‘drying’ cycles and allow dishes to airdry with door open.

If you’re considering installing a dishwasher, you will need a power outlet in a safe and dry location installed by a licensed eectrician. Our team can help identify a suitable location and install the appliance for you. For help, contact us on 0421 359 324 or or

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