Electrical Accessories for Tamworth Kitchens

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Being the place that the family all gathers, the heart of all homes is the kitchen. It’s not surprising to know that the kitchen is the most renovated space in homes in Australia. Whether you want to modernise the electrical in your kitchen to increase your homes value or bring it into the technology age, we have five electrical accessories for you to consider installing in your kitchen.

1. Lighting Dimmers

While preparing food, there is no doubt that you need good lighting in the kitchen. Dimmable lighting comes in handy after a long day or to even set a more romantic mood throughout your home. Dimmed lights may also act as a nightlight to help you navigate your home and are inexpensive for your local electrician to install.

2. Feature Lighting

Frame the space and match your lighting with your decor. Accent lighting in the form of pendant lights are on-trend and are a must have in your new kitchen. We can help you select suitable feature lighting that is on trend to increase the appeal and value of your home!

3. Data Ports

As tehcnology progresses, smart devices and internet connectivitity is becomming a necessity throughout your home. Data ports provide high speed internet access to all devices in the kitchen.

4. USB Sockets

USB sockets come integrated in regular power points and allow you plug in your USB cables to charge all your devices. As the kitchen is frequently occupied by yourself, friends and family, USB charging ports allow your appliances to continue to be plugged in and used (e.g. toaster, kettle, coffee machine) while charging your phone.

5. Grounded Outlets

Older homes still have power outlets that aren’t grounded. New kithcnes must have GFCI outlets to keep yourself, family, home and electrical appliances safe.

If you want more information on how to modernise your home with electrical accessories, contact your electrician in Tamworth today 0421 359 324 – www.facebook.com/tamworthelectrician or email contact@tamworthelectrician.com

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