How Much Electricity do Window AC Units Use in Tamworth?

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Central heating and cooling systems can be very expensive to install and may not always be an option. So aside from fans and reverse cycle units, what other option do you have to help beat the heat in Tamworth? One alternative are Window AC Units. An AC Window Unit uses around one third of the amount of energy it would take to run a central heating/cooling system. Sounds great right? Well if you have more than one window AC unit installed and running, the energy usage quickly adds up. If you want to keep several areas cool simultaneously, without question a central heating/cooling system is mroe efficient. If you’re unsure how much energy your heating/cooling system, is using, a home energy audit would be perfect for you. Home energy audits can offer you advice to save potentially thousands of dollars a year.

What is the Least Expensive Cooling Option in Tamworth?

For a single space, a window unit will cost you less boith in install and running costs. However, this might not give you the level of cooling you need. If you require greater cooling efficiency, a mini split system will save you more eneergy in the long run after installation costs and can cool a larger space. If you require multiple room airconditioning, consider either a ducted split system or evaporative cooling system.

How do I upgrade my existing Window AC Unit to a Central System?

Larger central heating and cooling systems often require larger power supplies (bigger than the AC socket you find around your home). To upgrade to a 15Amp power supply, a licensed electrician is required to attend and supply/install the 15Amp power outlet. In Australia, DIY electrical works is both dangerous and illegal.

Our last tip is to set the thermostat for your airconditioner to as high as it is comfortable (e.g. 24 degrees rather than 16 degrees). A few degrees will make a significant difference in your total energy bills. If you require a home energy audit, to see which cooling system would work best for you. Or, you need an electrician to upgrade your power outlet to suit your selected AC unit, contact the experienced team at Tamworth Electrician for a free quote.

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