What is the Energy Star Rating System?

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What is the Energy Star Rating System?

If you’ve gone shopping for electronics recently, you probably saw more than a few models with a blue and white star sticker. Known as the Energy Star Rating Certification, this little sticker is used by manufacturers to symbolise a product that conserves more energy than the standard model. Popular among tech-savvy people around the world for a number of reasons, the EPA and Australian government have been working to implement this brand into the market for quite some time now. As one of the most globally recognised energy brands in the world, let’s take a glimpse at why so many countries are participating in this unique movement.


Energy Star was created with the belief that by making smarter choices with our electricity, we could make the world a better place. Since the beginning of the Energy Star Rating System in 1992, $362 billion dollars have been saved on energy and 2.5 billion tons of greenhouse gasses have been removed from the atmosphere. These staggering statistics give us a small insight into the way energy brands like this can make big changes the world. As a result of its success, major appliance and electronic manufacturers have begun to produce energy efficient products that are paving the way toward a more energy efficient, environmental future.


There are hundreds of Energy Star products currently being sold. Everything from televisions to washing machines now have brands producing energy efficient models that meet the rating standards. Even small household items like light bulbs have begun to transition into energy efficiency. One example of this is the transition from CFL lamps to LED bulbs.


Although many people know the Energy Star brand as a resource for their home, the agency also has its roots in the world of business as well. Energy Star for businesses gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to commit to a better world through the reduction of energy-fueled greenhouse gasses. Business owners who are interested in this unique opportunity for their company can look into the online resources.


An environmental-focused agency wouldn’t be anything without a long-term plan for success. Energy Star has acknowledged the importance of creating an eco-conscious world now, so that our future need for energy will be fueled responsibly. According to statistics, the global need for energy will increase by 57% over the next 25 years. In light of this shocking statistic, Energy Star published an enlightening e-book titled Energy Strategy for the Road Ahead, in which they outline how businesses and large public entities can restructure their business model into something that is sustainable for our future. If you thought this eco-friendly post was exciting, take a look at our 25 money saving electricity tips.

All in all, the Energy Star Rating System is more than just an environmental brand that places certifications on environmentally responsible appliances. Instead, they’re a groundbreaking brand paving the way for others to easily take part in responsible energy management. Although their efforts may look small on the surface, we can be sure that Energy Star will continue to make big steps in the energy and environmental industries.

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