5 Things for Tamworth to Consider When Buying a Bathroom Fan

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1. Bathroom Fan Size

One of the most important decisions that you will need to make when it comes to choosing the right bathroom exhaust fan is the size. Since bathroom fans are sized and rated by their ability to move air in a certain amount of cubic feet per minute, it is important to choose a fan that is appropriate for the square footage of your bathroom.

2. Installation

Even though most bathroom fans are installed into the ceiling, certain models can be installed into the wall. Once you have chosen where you want the bathroom fan to be located (ceiling or wall), you will need to choose a model with the appropriate size duct adapter for your home’s ductwork. It is important to always install bathroom fans so that they vent air outside of the home through the ductwork and the nearest soffit, as venting into the attic will cause moisture problems to develop in other areas of the home.

3. Bathroom Fan Features

A lot of bathroom fans on the market today come with different features that might be ideal for your specific needs. Some of the features that newer models may offer include:

  • Integrated lights
  • Night lights
  • Built-in heaters
  • Humidity and motion sensors

4. Noise Level

If you are looking to create a peaceful and tranquil bathroom experience, you will want to pay close attention to the sone rating (the measurement of sound as it relates to how it is perceived by the average listener) for the bathroom fans in consideration. Since one sone is about equal to the hum of a refrigerator, choosing a model with a sone rating of two or less would be the ideal choice for creating a relaxing atmosphere.

5. Level of Efficiency

Energy Star bathroom fans are the perfect choice for homeowner’s who are looking to save money on their energy bills because they use about 70% less energy than other models. Low energy consumption bathroom fans are also expected to meet qualifications for low sound emissions, low wattage consumption, and powerful performance.

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