6 Reasons to Request an Electrical Inspection Before Purchasing a Home

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A home is probably the largest single purchase you will make in your life. After saving for years to scrape together a down payment and picking the perfect home for you and your family, it’s natural to want to move in as quickly as possible. But before you finalise your purchase, having an electrical inspection done by a licensed electrician is highly recommended to ensure your home is electrically safe. Why? Here are six good reasons everyone should have a professional electrician inspect any home electrical system before purchasing. 1) TROUBLES WITH ELECTRICAL WIRING Electrical safety is something every homeowner should take seriously. Every year, there are roughly 300 people admitted to Australian hospitals as a result of household electrical malfunctions. Faulty wiring and arching power points are both common culprits of household injuries and fires, but can be prevented with routine inspections by a professional. 2) SMOKE ALARM FUNCTIONING Up to 50% of household fatalities are said to be preventable if a working smoke alarm had been present, and a fire escape routine had been practiced. Having a licensed electrician ensure all of the smoke alarms in your new home are working properly is a critical aspect of your future electrical safety. 3) IDENTIFY OVERLOADED CIRCUITS If there are too many devices … Read More