Advantages of Upgrading to LED Lighting Tamworth

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Over the last few years, talk about LED lights has become more commonplace. As there is a global trend to become more economically friendly, it is no surprise that more people are switching to LED lights. LED lights, which stand for ‘light emitting diodes’, are not only ecologically sound, but economical as well. Environmentally Friendly Traditional fluorescent lights contain small amounts of mercury. Mercury is extremely hazardous to the environment but humans as well. If you come into contact or inhale mercury, it can be very dangerous and negatively impact your health. Fluorescent bulbs need special care to dispose of properly. LED lights do not contain any hazardous or poisonous material and are 100% recyclable. This means you can have peace of mind when disposing of your LED bulbs and know that the impact on the earth is minimal. Energy Efficient When we say energy efficient, this means that it takes less electricity to convert into light. Part of the reasons that LED bulbs are more efficient is because they do not heat up as much. Less energy is lost in heat so the electrical energy that flows in can go directly to light. Traditional bulbs tend to run at 20% efficiency … Read More