Professional Lighting Tips for Tamworth Businesses

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Our electricians have extensive knowledge and experience in designing and installing lighting solutions available to Tamworth businesses. Here are Tamworth Electricians top tips to consider for Tamworth businesses when lighting their space.

General lighting

Also called ambient lighting, these are the overhead lights which provide necessary illumination for the store. It keeps people out of the dark and should light most of the space with general lighting. General lighting makes customers feel safe and welcome. Good lighting isn’t exceptional, but poor lighting will drive customers away.

Accent lighting

The purpose of accent lighting is to bring attention to merchandise and make it look its best. Accent lighting draws customers: by pairing the most desirable merchandise with accent lighting, it draws the customer to your best pieces. Accent lighting shouldn’t be limited to the ceiling, either. Think about uplighting in display windows and strip lighting along shelving.

Task lighting

Task lighting is lighting helps your staff or customers perform tasks which require light. The dressing room, the service and checkout desk, the prep area, and the backroom all need task lighting for specific functions unrelated to merchandise display.

Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting is the lighting which sends customers an emotional message. Playful twinkle lights, bold colored lighting, elegant chandeliers, and more help create your brand message and draw the customers you want. While decorative lighting makes a statement, it is also efficient for other purposes, i.e., the task of general lighting. But as an establishment which doesn’t have decorative lighting is sending a weak message. Failure to submit a brand message can cause a merchandiser to lose valuable business.

When choosing lighting, fixtures should be paired with bulbs which fulfill the specific needs of the area. Pendant lighting, for example, looks very different depending on the color range of the bulb. Color temperature strategies should be strongly considered during the selection of lighting, something which we will address more closely in a future piece.

Lighting is truly one of the most creative means to use a primary function to draw, guide, comfort, and delight your customers. While poor lighting is underwhelming, a storefront should never underestimate proper lighting as a valuable sales tool.

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