Lighting Your Pool Area

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As we approach summer and pools are getting more use, lighting in your pool area will allow you to spend the most time cooling off during those hot Tamworth summers. Here are some reasons why Tamworth residents should consider lighting their pool area.

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Layers of visibility

If we’re unable to see, we’re probably going to run into things. When we swim at night, we’re also likely to hurt ourselves because the pool’s sides are hard, and we might not be in the pool alone. So, pool lighting is a great way to remain safe because the swimmers can see what’s in the water, whether it’s something large, such as another swimmer, or something small, like a wasp. Additionally, our most basic instincts make us prone to want to swim with visibility in the water.

Even LED lighting in the pool landscape is sensible, mostly because a lit pool with darkness surrounding it is creepy and unsafe. The pool owner who thinks about lighting layers in and around the pool will have appealing, adequate lighting. Setting the lights to timers or motion detectors is more convenient and reduces operation costs.

Economics and convenience

The monetary value of LED lights is irrefutable. LEDs cost less to function for the same amount of lumens. More specifically, they last longer than older incandescent lights, somewhere between fifteen to twenty times longer. For a pool owner, this signifies longer and better lighting in between replacements, which is excellent. It more than makes up for the higher price, which at some point is recovered by the lower operating costs.


Never in the past have pool owners been offered such an incredible array of options. A gorgeously lit pool offers ambiance and an outstanding aesthetic. Moreover, LED lighting is stunning and provides unprecedented control, color, and style choices, both in and around the pool. Floating pool lights add a cool effect, particularly for parties or celebrations.

Fiber Optic Lighting

We’d be foolish not to provide some information regarding fiber optic lighting. Fiber optic lighting can create an incredible dynamic in pool lighting. But, it’s about double the price of LED lights, and it only lasts half (or even less) as long. However, fiber optic lighting offers its impressive look, and a lot of people think the added costs are worth it.

A little bit of fiscal outlay can offer boundless ambiance to a pool, waterfall, or fountain. It can also increase the safety factor, which will be enjoyed by family members and guests that spend time in and around your pool after the sun goes down.

If you’ve been considering a pool lighting upgrade, realize that a licensed electrician ought to perform that pool lighting just for the sake of quality and safety. We can guide you through the possible options and costs.

Want more information or a free quote to add lighting to your pool area? Contact Tamworth Electrician.