Should You Use Your Ceiling Fan During Winter

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Fans have been around much longer than traditional air conditioners and continue to be used throughout the country in the warmer summer months. Ceiling fans in particular run at a considerably lower cost than air conditioning systems and they are an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room, much more so than a standing fan or a desk fan. But if you do not currently have a fan installed in one or more of the rooms in your home that you use the most often, you may feel as though you don’t actually need one. Besides, it’s cold outside, and fans do little more than simply provide a little bit of a breeze, right?

Not quite. A ceiling fan is actually a great way to keep your body feeling cooler in the summer months. But more than that: a ceiling fan can lower your air conditioning bills and heating bills in the colder months as well. In this guide, we’ll take a look at ceiling fans and how they help to improve the conditions in your home year-round. 

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Why Run the Ceilings Fans during the Cooler Months

Running a fan does not actually cool a room down. Instead, we feel cooler because the shape of the fan blades helps to push air down the sides of the room, which takes care of the extra layer of heat that covers our bodies. For this reason, you don’t have to run your air conditioner as often, effectively lowering your energy consumption and saving you money.

And a good ceiling fan can also help to save money on heating bills. Many ceiling fans come with a “reverse” switch to change the direction of the blades for heating purposes. Heat naturally rises, so when you run your heating system, much of the heat generated may get trapped near the ceiling. When used in conjunction with your forced-air furnace or heat pump, a ceiling fan helps to distribute heat evenly throughout the room. Your heating system will shut off sooner and you’ll save money on your bills and reduce wear and tear to the components of your heater.

Ceiling fan installation involves an electrical connection, and faulty installation may cause the electrical system to short out. Always trust an electrician for ceiling fan installation, like the experts at Tamworth Electrician. We have years of experience in selecting and installing quality ceiling fans in Tamworth NSW. We can be reached by calling 1800 00 2340 or inbox us.