Why Upgrade Your Halogen Downlights to LED Downlights

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Problems with Halogen Downlights

1. Heat stress

Halogen downlights can reach internal temperatures of up to 370 degrees! This heats up the light fitting as well as the surrounding space. If the halogen downlights are incorrectly installed too close to insulation or timber in the ceiling, they pose a serious fire risk. A good indicator of heat stress is the discolouration of the fitting or flaking paint. It is common for electricians to find charred timbers in the roof space when upgrading the lighting!

Burnt halogen transformer
Burnt halogen transformer caused by heat stress in the roof space

2. Old technology

The transformers in halogen downlights are unreliable and can cause lights to turn on and off randomly. They also operate at a high temperature so they waste a lot of energy in generating heat rather than light.

3. Poor light output

Halogen downlights lose their brightness far more quickly than LED downlights, with a 1-2 year old halogen downlight being only half as bright as when it was first installed!

Bright downlight
Halogen downlights lose their brightness very quickly!

4. Shorter lifespan

Halogen downlights are rated to last up to 8,000 hours. While this might sound like a lot, it isn’t very much when you compare it to the average LED downlight which is rated to last over 40,000 hours!

5. Highly inefficient

Halogen downlights use up to 10 times more electricity than LED downlights. When you add up the number of downlights in your house, they can easily become very expensive to run.

Halogen downlight in roof
Halogen lights are 10 x less efficient than LED downlights

Why Upgrade to LED Downlights?

  • Modern LED downlights are safer, more energy efficient, more reliable and longer-lasting
  • Upgrading to LED downlights could save you $18 per year in running costs for each light fitting
  • Halogen downlights are being phased out, so it will get harder to buy replacement globes
  • LEDs have a brighter, longer-lasting light output and now come in various colour options to suit your space
  • Less heat output from LED downlights makes it easier to cool your house down in summer
  • Most LED downlights are fully sealed, so there’s no heat loss in winter through gaps in the ceiling
SAL Ecogem LED Downlights
SAL Ecogem LED downlights are high quality and come with an Australian warranty

Tamworth Electrician an upgrade your lighting to the latest in energy efficient LED technology. Offering better light output and longer life at a fraction of the running costs compared to traditional fluorescent and incandescent lighting, why would you wait? Tamworth Electrician only installs quality LED downlights that comply with Australian electrical safety standards and come with an Australian warranty.

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