How to Reset your Breaker

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Instructions for Resetting Your Home’s Breaker If you overload a circuit, your home’s system will cut off the electrical power in order to prevent circuit damage or a fire. If you have an overloaded circuit in your home, you can follow these simple instructions for resetting your breaker and restoring power. 1. Turn Off the Lights Turn off all the lights and unplug a few appliances in the room or rooms that have lost power. If you recently added a new appliance to the room, make sure you unplug it because there is a good change that the new appliance is the culprit. Unplugging appliances and turning off the lights is important because, if you leave everything on, it is possible that you might blow your fuse or breaker all over again once you restore power. 2. Locate Your Electrical Panel Locate and open your electrical panel. It is usually found in the basement or in a utility room. Always use caution around your electrical panel. Electricity can be dangerous, so make sure your hands are dry and that you are standing on a dry surface at all times when working on your electrical panel. If you are not familiar with your electric panel, or do not feel … Read More