Why Do My Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out?

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A frustrating electrical problem that many people encounter is a light bulb that continuously burns out for no apparent reason. Depending on how long a light is on during the day, most incandescent light bulbs should have a lifespan of about 900 hours, which usually comes out to about 4 months. If you find that your light bulbs keep burning out in a matter of weeks, there might be a bigger problem at play than faulty bulbs. We have experience in solving all kinds of home electrical issues and no job is too small for our residential electrical services. Reasons for Light Bulbs to Burn Out There are a couple of factors that contribute towards light bulbs burning out too fast and there are many solutions that can help your light bulbs last longer. Some of the reasons that light bulbs burn out immediately include: Light Bulbs Getting Too Hot If a light fixture is not insulated properly or a light bulb is the wrong wattage for the fixture, the heat generated by the bulb can cause the filament to burn too hot, causing the bulb to burn out quickly. Make sure that the light bulbs being used match the recommended wattage for a light fixture. If a recessed fixture is going through bulbs quickly, … Read More