Ceiling Fan Installation in Tamworth

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Tamworth Electrician is your local electrician in Tamworth. Tamworth Electrician offers ceiling fan installation services at a competitive price. If you would like to know more about our standard rates, contact us today. Tamworth Electrician can provide and install your ceiling fan, while securing your $50 cash back under the Tamworth Regional Council Residential Water Saver Rebate Scheme. But… Why should Tamworth residents consider installing ceiling fans? Stay cooler during summer. Research indicates that the breeze from ceiling fans makes you feel 8 degrees cooler. Circulate warm air during winter with ceiling fan reverse modes. Significantly reduce energy costs. Most fans cost 3c to run an hour! Save the environment! As ceiling fans require less energy to run. Conserve water! As ceiling fans require zero water. Save space! As ceiling fans are mounted on the roof, no need for bulky pedestal fans. Why should I consider Tamworth Electrician’s ceiling fan installation service? In Australia, DIY electrical work (including installing ceiling fans) is illegal and may void your home insurance policy in the event of an electrical fire. We cater for all of your ceiling fan needs. Whether you want to BYO ceiling fan, or have us source archetectual ceiling fans … Read More

LED Lighting for Tamworth Homes

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At Tamworth Electrician, we encourage the installation of energy efficient electrical systems. One of the most common, recent advancements is LED lighting. LED lighting benefits you and the environment by using less electricity and keeping replacement incandescent bulbs out of landfill. We offer LED lighting solutions at a competetive price but before making the switch, here are a few things you need to know before switching! 1. Why do people love LED Lighting? LED lighting has a modern, sleek appearance. They use less energy than traditional/old lighting methods. They pose less of a fire hazard as they generate significantly less heat. 2. What are LED Lights? LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Basically, they are little chips inside a plastic capsule that ’emit’ ‘light’ when an electrical current. They come in a variety of sizes, colour and brightness. 3. How Long do LED Lights Last? Unlike old lightbulbs, LED’s don’t use burning filaments to emit light. Therefore they can last an incredibly long time. Most LED bulbs last around 10years but can last for decades while traditional bulbs often only last a few months. 4. How Much More Effienct at LED Bulbs? LED Bulbs use around one tenth less energy … Read More

Electrical Hazards in Tamworth Homes

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1. Bad Wiring and Electrical Appliances Old or bad wiring (particularly from DIY jobs) increases the risk of electrical faults, fires, surges and other serious events. For this reason, avoid DIY electrical work an get a professional electrician in to do the job. Old cracked, corroded or worn wires increase the risk of an electrical accident. Have your appliances checked regularly to make sure they are safe. Testing and tagging electrical appliances on commercial premises is a legal requirement. 2. Outlets Near Water Outlets in areas where there is water such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries should be installed away from water sources. 3. Wet Hands Using appliances with wet hands and switching power points on and off is a serious hazard for electrical shocks. 4. Electrical Fires If a fire starts due to an electrical fault, water should never be poured on the fire to put it out. Instead, a fire extinguisher should be used to avoid electrocution. If you don’t have an extinguisher handy, turn off the main electrical supply, evacuate your home and call the fire brigade. 5. Curious Children Children are inquisitive and like to explore the world. For this reason, electrical outlets at heights that … Read More

Average Power Use of Tamworth Household’s

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Modern homes have far more electrical devices than ever, and as a consequence much more power is needed to run the average house. Advancements in the technology in our home from insulation to appliances have gone a long way to save power for Tamworth residents, however, there is still more that we can do! Below we have listed some appliances commonly used in Tamworth and the amount of power they use. The average amount of power used in Tamworth is based on: the size of your home the number of occupants in the home the number and type of appliances how and when the appliances are being used if you have appliances that use lots of energy for example pools, spas airconditioners tamworth’s hot summers and cold winters We have listed some energy saving tips for Tamworth residents already! COMMON APPLIANCE POWER USAGE Firguring out how much electricity your appliance uses is relatively easy, check the label of the abblience where the amount used is measured in ‘W’ for watts or ‘kW’ for kilowatts. Here are some examples to help you get an idea of the amount of energy popular electrical items use. Tamworth Electrician’s Tip! For larger items (dishwasher, fridge, freezer etc.) rather than moving out the appliance, a google search of the appliance will bring up a number of retailers … Read More

Home Energy Audit Checklist

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Tamworth Electrician offers detailed home energy audits. Along with suggesting simple measures like the ones listed in our checklist here, we also conduct a detailed analysis of all electrical devices and appliances to save you money! Attached below is Tamworth Electrician’s checklist. Find out more about our home energy audit service here: http://www.tamworthelectrician.com/home-energy-audit/

Pre-Demolition Electrical Disconnect Checklist

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A simple electrical disconnect checklist in accordance with AS/NZS3000 to perform pre-demolition free to download. Tamworth Electrician offers pre-demolition electrical disconnect for both domestic and commercial sites. Below is the dowload link for the checklist Tamworth Electrician has created. Contact us today to find out more: http://www.tamworthelectrician.com/free-quote/ or inbox us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/tamworthelectrician

Electrical Testing and Tagging Register

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Free download electrical testing and tagging register that complies with Australian standards. Attached is a pdf you may use to catalogue the tested and tagged items. Download the PDF below. Tamworth Electrician offers electrical testing and tagging services at a competitive rate. See more: http://www.tamworthelectrician.com/electrical-testing-and-tagging-tamworth/

5 Reasons You Need The X Theme

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X is not your grandmother’s WordPress theme, and we want to prove it to you. Here are the top 5 reasons you need to buy X today! Stacks, Stacks, & More Stacks Instead of being stuck with one design for your next project, X is a gift that keeps on giving. Built with our custom Stacks, X is the most versatile premium WordPress theme on the market today. Think of Stacks like full site designs built into the theme with each one giving a totally unique look and feel. There are currently four Stacks to chose from: Integrity, Renew, Icon, and Ethos. Point & Click X is not only one of the most cutting edge themes on the market today, it’s incredibly easy to customize using the latest innovation from WordPress: the Theme Customizer. Instead of clicking through pages and pages of an admin panel only to have to click back and forth between the dashboard and your live site, with X you can change every aspect of your site while viewing it through the Customizer. See in real time how every color, layout, and pixel will look then click “Save” and you’re done. Customizing a theme has never been … Read More