5 Benefits of Installing CCTV in Tamworth Home’s

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CCTV installed in Tamworth homes can dramatically increase the security of your property and keep your family protected, so we’ve put together our top 5 benefits of installing CCTV in your home to help give you incentive to install CCTV to your premises: Tamworth Electrician offers CCTV installation services that you can access and monitor anywhere in the world. 1. Insurance deductions While financial gain probably isn’t your number one motivator for installing a security system, it is certainly an added bonus that can make CCTV seem more appealing! When evaluating your insurance policy, the security of your property plays a huge impact on the amount of money you will pay, so by taking steps to make your property more secure and reduce the likelihood of your property being damaged or vandalised, you are in turn reducing the likelihood of you making a claim, allowing your insurance provider to reduce your policy costs. 2. Visual crime deterrent CCTV can act as a huge deterrent to criminals, especially when it comes to pre-planned crimes. This means that thieves are much less likely to target your home, helping keep your belongings secure and increasing the safety of your family. To make the … Read More

Lifespan of Electrical Components in Tamworth Households

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Knowing the lifespan of your electrical components is essential to avoid unexpected power outages and keep the occupants of the property safe. Looking for an electrician in tamworth? Tamworth Electrician can help you maintain your households electrical components. Whether you're a Tamworth local or have investment properties in the region, here are 4 electrical components that need to be maintained. 1. Lighting Bulb Type Lifespan Incandescent 1 - 2 000 hrs Halogen 6 - 8 000 hrs Compact Fluoro 10 000 hrs LED's 50 000 hrs Fixtures can last a long time, however down-lighting minimizes the risk of damage to these fixtures (requiring replacement).   2. Circuit Breakers Prevent harmful sparks potentially causing electrocution or fires in the walls. These can typically last 15-30 years. 3. Power Points Prevent harmful shocks from appliances. These are expected to last 30 years. 4. Service Panels The hub of a home's electricity supply. These must be in perfect condition to reduce electrical hazards and keep the occupents safe. Most panels have a 60 year life expectancy, however, should be maintained regularly. Checkout our other blog post : Should I Upgrade my Electrical Panel. Do you need maintenance carried out on your private or ... Read More

Understand Energy Rating Labels

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The Energy Rating Label tells you how much electricity an appliance will use. You can compare the running costs of appliances with similar features by comparing their labels. Have a question about Energy Rating Labels? Inbox your questions to receive free answers from your local electrician in Tamworth. Top 3 Tips from Tamworth Electrician NOTE: The products you’re comparing need to be of a similar size and have similar features. The kWh figure is based on assumptions about usage. How you use your appliance will affect how much electricity it will use, as will the climate you live in. 1. The More Stars The More Savings Invest in appliances with higher star ratings. These will use less electricity and cost less to run than other appliances of the same type. 2. Lower Energy Use = More Efficient Appliances with a similar star rating, compare the usage figure. The lower the usage, the less they will cost to run. 3. More Effient Appliances Save You Money Appliances that cost less to run will reduce your electricity bill saving you money. Tamworth Electrician offers home energy audits to save you money! If you would like to invest in a home energy audit … Read More

Saving Tamworth Money on Electricity: Dishwasher Tips

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A dishwasher often saves you time and cleans your dishes to a higher standard than hand-washing alone. In recent years, they have become a staple in all modern homes but runnings them and replacing them can come at a cost! Your local electrician in Tamworth wants to help save every cent on energy you spend this year! This article follows our series ‘Saving Tamworth Money on Electricity’ and takes a look at ways to make your dishwasher last longer. Clean the rubber seal around the door. Clean the spray arm of food debris and scale occasionally. Clean filters according to manufacturer instructions. Consider regularly running a dishwasher cleaner. Only run full cycles. Consider running on ‘eco’ mode. Consider skipping energy hungry ‘drying’ cycles and allow dishes to airdry with door open. If you’re considering installing a dishwasher, you will need a power outlet in a safe and dry location installed by a licensed eectrician. Our team can help identify a suitable location and install the appliance for you. For help, contact us on 0421 359 324 or ww.facebook.com/tamworthelectrician or contact@tamworthelectrician.com

Saving Tamworth Money on Electricity: Make Your Refrigerator Last Longer

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Maintaining your fridge/freezer will decrease the wear and tear on your machine as well as save you money on energy and possible spoiled groceries. Your local electrician in Tamworth wants to help save every cent on energy you spend this year! This article follows our series ‘Saving Tamworth Money on Electricity’ and takes a look at ways to make your refrigerator last longer. Checkout these simple tips to help prevent the need to be forking out hundreds or even thousands on a new refrigerator! Unplug your fridge and vacuum the condenser coils on the back of your fridge. In older freezers, defrost them occasionally to prevent excessive ice buildup. If the ice is thicker than 1cm it is time to defrost your freezer! Newer models do this by themself. Clean drip openings and pans and replace water filters according to instruction manual. Clean around the rubber seal on the door regularly. Keep your fridge at the highest temperature possible to keep your food cool. Fridge: 0-5 degrees celsius Freezer: -18 degrees celsius Is your energy bill higher than expected? This could be due to many factors that our licensed electricians could identify and help you with. Consider checking our how … Read More

Electrical Accessories for Tamworth Kitchens

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Being the place that the family all gathers, the heart of all homes is the kitchen. It’s not surprising to know that the kitchen is the most renovated space in homes in Australia. Whether you want to modernise the electrical in your kitchen to increase your homes value or bring it into the technology age, we have five electrical accessories for you to consider installing in your kitchen. 1. Lighting Dimmers While preparing food, there is no doubt that you need good lighting in the kitchen. Dimmable lighting comes in handy after a long day or to even set a more romantic mood throughout your home. Dimmed lights may also act as a nightlight to help you navigate your home and are inexpensive for your local electrician to install. 2. Feature Lighting Frame the space and match your lighting with your decor. Accent lighting in the form of pendant lights are on-trend and are a must have in your new kitchen. We can help you select suitable feature lighting that is on trend to increase the appeal and value of your home! 3. Data Ports As tehcnology progresses, smart devices and internet connectivitity is becomming a necessity throughout your home. … Read More

How Much Electricity do Window AC Units Use in Tamworth?

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Central heating and cooling systems can be very expensive to install and may not always be an option. So aside from fans and reverse cycle units, what other option do you have to help beat the heat in Tamworth? One alternative are Window AC Units. An AC Window Unit uses around one third of the amount of energy it would take to run a central heating/cooling system. Sounds great right? Well if you have more than one window AC unit installed and running, the energy usage quickly adds up. If you want to keep several areas cool simultaneously, without question a central heating/cooling system is mroe efficient. If you’re unsure how much energy your heating/cooling system, is using, a home energy audit would be perfect for you. Home energy audits can offer you advice to save potentially thousands of dollars a year. What is the Least Expensive Cooling Option in Tamworth? For a single space, a window unit will cost you less boith in install and running costs. However, this might not give you the level of cooling you need. If you require greater cooling efficiency, a mini split system will save you more eneergy in the long run after … Read More

Ceiling Fan Installation in Tamworth

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Tamworth Electrician is your local electrician in Tamworth. Tamworth Electrician offers ceiling fan installation services at a competitive price. If you would like to know more about our standard rates, contact us today. Tamworth Electrician can provide and install your ceiling fan, while securing your $50 cash back under the Tamworth Regional Council Residential Water Saver Rebate Scheme. But… Why should Tamworth residents consider installing ceiling fans? Stay cooler during summer. Research indicates that the breeze from ceiling fans makes you feel 8 degrees cooler. Circulate warm air during winter with ceiling fan reverse modes. Significantly reduce energy costs. Most fans cost 3c to run an hour! Save the environment! As ceiling fans require less energy to run. Conserve water! As ceiling fans require zero water. Save space! As ceiling fans are mounted on the roof, no need for bulky pedestal fans. Why should I consider Tamworth Electrician’s ceiling fan installation service? In Australia, DIY electrical work (including installing ceiling fans) is illegal and may void your home insurance policy in the event of an electrical fire. We cater for all of your ceiling fan needs. Whether you want to BYO ceiling fan, or have us source archetectual ceiling fans … Read More

LED Lighting for Tamworth Homes

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At Tamworth Electrician, we encourage the installation of energy efficient electrical systems. One of the most common, recent advancements is LED lighting. LED lighting benefits you and the environment by using less electricity and keeping replacement incandescent bulbs out of landfill. We offer LED lighting solutions at a competetive price but before making the switch, here are a few things you need to know before switching! 1. Why do people love LED Lighting? LED lighting has a modern, sleek appearance. They use less energy than traditional/old lighting methods. They pose less of a fire hazard as they generate significantly less heat. 2. What are LED Lights? LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Basically, they are little chips inside a plastic capsule that ’emit’ ‘light’ when an electrical current. They come in a variety of sizes, colour and brightness. 3. How Long do LED Lights Last? Unlike old lightbulbs, LED’s don’t use burning filaments to emit light. Therefore they can last an incredibly long time. Most LED bulbs last around 10years but can last for decades while traditional bulbs often only last a few months. 4. How Much More Effienct at LED Bulbs? LED Bulbs use around one tenth less energy … Read More

Electrical Hazards in Tamworth Homes

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1. Bad Wiring and Electrical Appliances Old or bad wiring (particularly from DIY jobs) increases the risk of electrical faults, fires, surges and other serious events. For this reason, avoid DIY electrical work an get a professional electrician in to do the job. Old cracked, corroded or worn wires increase the risk of an electrical accident. Have your appliances checked regularly to make sure they are safe. Testing and tagging electrical appliances on commercial premises is a legal requirement. 2. Outlets Near Water Outlets in areas where there is water such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries should be installed away from water sources. 3. Wet Hands Using appliances with wet hands and switching power points on and off is a serious hazard for electrical shocks. 4. Electrical Fires If a fire starts due to an electrical fault, water should never be poured on the fire to put it out. Instead, a fire extinguisher should be used to avoid electrocution. If you don’t have an extinguisher handy, turn off the main electrical supply, evacuate your home and call the fire brigade. 5. Curious Children Children are inquisitive and like to explore the world. For this reason, electrical outlets at heights that … Read More