Your electrical switchboard is the electrical hub of your home. Switchboards often need maintenance and occasionally upgrading inorder to fulfil their role, Tamworth Electrician can maintain and upgrade both residential and commercial switchboards.

What is a Switchboard?

They distribute electricity around your home so when you switch a light on or turn on the TV, they ensure that the right supply of electricity is in the right place at the right time. Modern switchboards also contain safety switches that interrupt the power supply if and when a problem arises. They lower the risk of any electrical fire, while also protecting those within the home who might otherwise be at risk from electrocution should a fault occur. In other words they act as a safety net.

The Problem With Old Switchboards

The problem with older switchboards is that they were built in a time when fewer electrical appliances were used. As a result the devices and equipment that are commonly used in the modern day home may place demands on older boards that can in turn pose both a fire risk and dangerous electrical problems. In addition when there is an electrical overload, older switchboards simply don’t have the safety mechanisms in place to cope because there is no emergency cut-off, so it’s easy to see how old switchboards can be potentially hazardous.

A few of the more common reasons why you might need a new switchboard are:

  1. When a fuse is tripping when you use more than one or two standard appliances.
  2. The lights are flickering and you don’t know why.
  3. Your fused switchboard is too small and doesn’t suit the modern appliances in your home.
  4. You want to install safety switches to protect your family or to comply with regulations for the sale or rental of your property.
  5. You want to install a new air-conditioner and have been told you don’t have enough room on your existing fused switchboard for the new safety switch
  6. The existing fused switchboard has had cabling that has overheated and has burnt out one or more of the fuse holders
  7. A previous owner has put an oversized fuse wire in the fuse holder and has burnt out a wire behind the fused switchboard
  8. You’re about to install solar panels and the installer has asked you to upgrade your fused switchboard to a new circuit breaker switchboard
  9. Your home’s wiring is quite old, you can’t afford a complete rewire but you want the added protection of safety switches and correctly rated circuit breakers

Is it Expensive to Upgrade?

The question is can you really put a price on safety and peace-of mind? When compared to rebuilding you home and replacing all your belongings the costs are undoubtedly minimal. However even without the potential fire risk, the cost of replacing your switchboard is minimal when you compare it to other major electrical renovations.

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Autumn in Tamworth ius a time that we look to reduce our reliance on airconditioning systems and switch to natural ventelation, whislt also gearing up for the chilly winter ahead. There are lots of ways you can prepare your home for the fat approaching winter months to reduce your energy bills and make your living space more comfortable. Here are a few suggestions to consider implementing this autumn in preparation for winter. 

  • Have a look around your home and find ways to retain heat. Suggestions include:
    • Draught proofing your home.
      • HINT: use adhesive foam strips to fill the gap between doors, windows and frames. 
    • Invest in insulation.
    • Curtains
      • Blockout curtains keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. 
    • Lighting
      • In the darker months, consider switching to energy efficient LED lighting. 
  • Set your cooling to 25 to 27°C. These changes pay off: every degree you increase your heating and cooling increases energy use by around 5 to 10
  • Wear warmer clothes before turning on the heat. 
  • Utilise and setup energy efficient appliances. 
  • Clothes dryers are big energy users, so use clothes racks on verandahs, indoors in your already heated rooms, or outdoors while the good weather lasts.
  • Turn off your gadgets including gaming consoles, desktop computers. 
  • Avoid using heat lamps in bathrooms where possible.
  • In homes with electric hot water, reduce shower times. 

If you want advice from the professionals at Tamworth Electrician, consider a home energy audit. Contact 1800 00 2340 or inbox us at for your energy audit. 


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